Poor Joe The Plumber

Wow look at the attacks on poor Joe The Plumber! I’m not talking about the guy that McCain and Obama are referring to. I’m talking about the real Joe The Plumbers of the world.

Today I did a search and of course there are several websites out there that come up when you do the search for Joe The Plumber The first site that came up in the organic search is for Joe Lara A real Joe the Plumber in southern california.

He wrote on his web site that since the debate he had received over 113,624 hits on his web site and over 200 phone call. The poor guy, as I’m sure that not all of those phone calls where friendly. In fact I’d venture to say that many of them where down right disrespectful.

Having several web sites myself I’ve been on the receiving end of phone calls from angry customers of someone else’s product just because I’d written about it at one time.

I always look at it as some people should not be allowed to have a computer period. The first web site that pops up in the search is the one they call, mainly because they are not smart enough to figure anything out for themselves.

What is really evident here is that there is no healing going on only divide and conquer. This is the ugly side of politics, both candidates will hide and duck the real issues facing this country while providing sound bites, that appeal to the masses.

Anyone thinking that taxes will not go up for everyone, really need to get off the drugs and come back to reality. As long as we continue to allow our government free reign to an unlimited credit card our situation will only continue to get worse.

I really feel sympathy for Joe Lara and all the other Joe the Plumbers out there as this will not go away quickly. I’m amazed at how quickly the media the candidates jumped on this bandwagon to discredit Joe, which I’m sure is being directed towards everyone of them.

So If you live in southern California give Joe Lara some support, send business his way when it comes to plumbing work. For that matter any other Joe the Plumber anywhere send them your business, as they are probably getting attacked viciously right now.

On the other hand, they probably could not have paid enough to get the kind of publicity they are getting right now from all the media. The good thing is we only have 18 more days of this crap and distraction to our everyday lives.


This evening 24 Oct 2008 I received an email from Joe Lara, thanking me for the kind words in this post. He is now up to 255,047 hits on the web page, 5 TV appearances, 3 Radio Interviews, 2 Front page stories in the newspapers, 100’s of phone calls and e-mails, and not a SINGLE service call. If your a web site owner the Joe the Plumbers need your help.

It really irritates me when all the work that they’ve done to get their websites found can be destroyed in no time at all as the news media articles will quickly surpass them in the search engine rankings.

If you can provide links to them, so individuals can find them and not just some hate filled news articles.

Joe The Plumber In Seattle

These small business owners surely did not need to have their businesses disrupted, all for an election!