Get More Out of Life –

Everyday thousands of new blogs and blog posts are being created on the internet. Let’s face it, blogging can be fun, rewarding, and a great way to record history.

The internet has leveled the playing field. It is an area where the average person (even you) can compete directly against largest corporations in the world.

On my website here, I write about my experiences with the various pieces of software and just about anything else I’ve used and come to love.

When you write in your blog you get the opportunity to share your insight and experience with the world. And, you even have the right to be called an idiot if they shoe fits.

And, I’ve even pissed off a few content management system designers! When you expose them for who the really are watch out. Their wrath has no bounds.

…I enjoy writing about content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress, InsiteCreation etc… Not from a technical point of view…

… but more from a users perspective. I have spent a lifetime solving problems and share bits of information here to help others.  Alas there will always be arguments as to which software platform is better, and it really doesn’t matter.

The Arguments over Search Engine Optimization

Then you’ll run into the typical arguments over which platform WordPress, Drupal etc… is better for search engine optimization. You will find even more people willing to sell you all the tools you’ll ever need for that purpose…

…Yet, later in life you’ll discover a simple secret, which can be summed up in a few of my favorite quotes:

Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is in the doing, not the getting–in the trying, not the triumph. – Wynn Davis

Glenn Burks