iPhone Battery Issues 2.1

Back in September, I wrote about the battery issues not being resolved with the iPhone 2.1 update. Sometimes you have to admit when your wrong and in this case I maybe wrong.

When I wrote about it I was seeing the same issues as before the iPhone was reporting that it was continuously in operation. I think it is clearly more of proper operation, essentially making a conscious effort to close any application that I opened.

I do this by holding down the home button for about 7 seconds to ensure that the application has quit. I remember reading about this last year but, hey I’m getting older and often don’t remember when and where.

I’ve been watching the battery usage and it is holding up very well now. I really do think that they’ve fixed the problem! I know some individuals probably really do expect miracles out of their iPhone battery but lets be real.

Even though it feels and works like a small hand held computer, you only get a little over 1 hour on a windows computer with a battery that is 5 times the size of the iPhone!

Apple really does give some good advice in maximizing your battery life by turning things off, something I recommended in one of my previous posts, do you really need all the bells and whistles running.

One of the things they recommend is turning off bluetooth. I can see this point if your not using it. Yet I use my bluetooth headset quite often and leave it turned 24/7 along with bluetooth enabled on the iPhone.

I’ve not seen this affect the battery life much at all. With 51 minutes of usage in the last 1 day and 8 hours since full charge it is still at about 90 percent battery capacity. To me that is pretty good.


If you use your iPhone or cell phone quite a bit you probably get tired of most of the bluetooth headsets out there. Just wearing them for a while gets quite uncomfortable.

What you need is a custom made ear piece that is the perfect fit to your ear. I have one and will never go back to a plain old uncomfortable ear piece again.

Big Ear Inc. makes these custom pieces and generally has a local provider in your area. When you couple these to a Jawbone noise canceling headset the communications are just great.