Doing Web Video The Right Way

Over the past several years, many have moved to marketing via web video. Yet, when you look at many of these video’s most of them are really pathetic.

Reading through many studies on marketing via video it seems that the overwhelming response is that it is hard to quantify the effectiveness of this form of marketing.

I watched a video on youtube awhile back that I found funny. The video started out with a graphic that never changed. The individual that placed this video there, then went on to talk for almost 10 minutes.

When you look at how video commercials are done, they move through different camera angles and shots very quickly. About every three seconds something changes, keeping the view fully engaged.

The majority of well done videos gets the message across in about 30 seconds or about the length of our attention span, based on tracking studies that have been done.

So If you want to learn how to do web video correctly, there is one source that I’ve found and use. Believe me the amount of effort that David Kaminski has put into this course is amazing.

When I first got access to the course, I found it was based all around Windows. I asked David about a Mac Version, within two weeks he had a version for the Mac up and running.

Using David’s video training, really ties it all together. I was able to produce my first video, and quickly get it up and running. The feedback on the video is incredible, people are amazed.

If your serious about, implementing video into your website, for your products and services I highly recommend David’s program.