I love AmpForWP, Just Wished it Worked On Swift pages!

Good morning Glenn Burks here from  GlennBurks.com. Today I wanted to go over this new plug-in that I have tried to use AmpForWP. As you can see here (in the video) it’s fairly pricey for a plug-in, in fact quite pricey, when you get all the features and everything plugged in. The issue is you [...]

Yoast Destroyed My Website after 7.6 update!

After a long weekend on Tuesday I sat down to work on one of my websites. I logged in and  found that there were several updates needed for the website CMS, Yoast 7.6 was one of them. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTYrvCe7hJ8&width=560&height=315&centervid=1[/embedyt] One of those updates was Yoast 7.5.3 to Yoast 7.6. So of course I dutifully and [...]

Mollum is gone so now what? Try CleanTalk

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2CWT-cjYIk&width=450&height=253&centervid=1[/embedyt] Now that Mollum has entered it’s end of life what’s next?  What is an effective solution? Mollum is gone, now what? Try CleanTalk! Comment spam can make a life of a webmaster horrible. Having to sift and sort through all of those comments on a daily basis just drags you down and gets [...]

MAMP Pro Will Not Display Pages But Will Display Posts.

Some times the least obvious things will cause us the most grief while building or modifying our websites. I like running Wordpress using Thesis as the foundation behind the site. I had decided to convert one of my sites still running Thesis 1.8 to version 2.6. I had built this site many years ago and [...]

IOS 11 Just Another Disaster

Are Apples glory days numbered? What was their marketing department thinking rolling out the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X? To top it off IOS 11 has rapidly gone through 11.01, 11.02, 11.03 to 11.1 with each one bring new problems that I’ve never had before. For example with 11.1 my iPad pro when plugged [...]