AddThis Button For Drupal 6.x.2.3

Today the third party module Addthis was released. I’ve had this module installed but did not use it due to a few issues that it had. One of the issues was, it would show up on all of the teasers.

When you looked at the blog of course it looked horrible with all the addthis blocks running down the page. So today when the update came out of course I downloaded and uploaded it to the site.

My hat is off to the maintainers of this module. The new features making the visibility in node links configurable gives me back the look and feel I was after.

One of the issues that I wish was added to the module is the “nofollow” tag. We really do not need to give AddThis any of our valuable page rank. Their module is already well established and is blogged about often.

If you have not already installed this module you can get download it from the Drupal Website. Installation is quick and painless.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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  • John Sep 7, 2008 @ 13:24

    I had installed this module on a Drupal 5 site and also removed it because it showed up on teasers. But the original Drupal 5 version allowed the admin to determine which content types would get the button. Has this feature disappeared?

    • Glenn Sep 7, 2008 @ 15:54

      Hi John,

      I’m not sure about the Drupal 5 version of Addthis. In the version for 6.x it appears that you do not have this option. It gives you the setting for:

      1.) Display an AddThis button always on a node page’s links section.

      2.) Display an AddThis Button in the node teasers.

      Maybe they will add it in the future, I’m just glad that I can remove it from the teasers.