You have to love it.

Every now and then you find someone, generally with no experience that will advertise on someone’s name who is successful hoping beyond all hope that they’ll get just a trickle of traffic to there advertising offer.

In someways you have to kind of feel sorry for their total lack of experience, and naivety when it comes to marketing.

What it really shows is the rank amateurs out there participating in network marketing or any other business that really don’t understand their target market. With that said they will never become successful.

I really like how they show often quite misleading information on their landing pages. The show signup but if you know anything about their business there is a difference between someone who fills out a landing page and an actual downline member or customer.

One of the things I’ve always found amusing is that most of these so called successful people on the internet cannot even be found when you do a search. It is really interesting when they’ve had a web site out there for years yet it does not show in lets just say Google.

Now Google bases everything on trust so if the site does not show up does the search engine indicate that they don’t trust them? It’s a good question, there could be other reasons but more often then not it’s a lack of trust for the site.