Why I Use Yugma For Web Collaboration

Life is all about change, just a few short years ago if we wanted training or to demonstrate something we would have to travel. As the Internet becomes more ingrained into people’s lives, we no longer have to do this costly travel.

If I’m not traveling I’m doing my part in being eco-friendly, no I’m not some left-wing environmental extremists. But, I do believe in doing my part to conserve the resources we have.

Up until just a few years ago I used a program by another manufacturer that provided a solution, yet when I switched my office to all Mac computers I found myself looking for a new solution. The manufacturer of that software did not provide a solution for the Mac.

During my search for a new solution for online web collaboration, I found a program called Yugma. What I found was an even better solution than the manufacturer I was using before.

What I found is one of the primary reasons that I switched to Yugma and will stay with it, this is its cross platform capability. Now I can have users that use Windows, Mac, or Linux, operating systems.

In the past I used to become completely frustrated trying to work and train individuals, often with-up to 100 people on a call. When you are trying to do this on a conference call and get everyone on the same page without them being able to see it, it is next to impossible. By using this software, It is almost like having them sitting right next to me watching and it does not mater what operating system they are using!

Now I can convey information in 1 hour that used to take months of weekly one hour conference calls. Where Yugma really shines is in its ability to share desktops quickly and reliably, as we can often utilize another individuals application for demonstration purposes.

Since I deal mainly with people in a home business environment, I work with them by helping them become more familiar with their version of contact management program. Basically just about anything that can be done over the internet on a computer can be demonstrated or worked on via Yugma.

Sure you can read the manual and get quite a lot out of it, yet often you wonder just who wrote some of the material. Then you have to really stop and ask yourself what is my time worth.

As a small business owner you often don’t have time to waste learning new software, you need to be able to implement this into your business quickly. This is where I think Yugma really shines, when you can bring to the table one-on-one personalized instruction.

When you can demonstrate to someone on their computer how to work their program, then follow that up by having them demonstrate and explain the steps back to you while you’re watching it live you are creating better value for your customers.

Personally I love running Yugma on a Mac. With the triple combination of the Mac, Parallels and Yugma, I can demonstrate just about anything I want to quickly and easily via a virtual machine.

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  • Daryl James Feb 4, 2009 @ 20:38

    Sounds like the perfect solution for small businesses. Thanks for the FYI (and the Parallels heads up, I’m running a Macbook Pro).

    • Glenn Feb 4, 2009 @ 20:51

      One use that I did not mention, was how I can help Mom with her computer. Living 500+ miles away you cannot just drive there in an hour to correct a windows problem. Yet with this it’s almost like being there.

      I’ve used it on the Macbook Pro but really prefer the Mac Pro with dual monitors, of course that can be accomplished with the Macbook Pro just as well.

      With the new Macbook Pro out, I often wonder do you even need a desktop anymore.

  • Brian Parker Jul 23, 2010 @ 17:19

    Small business users may want to check out another solution from RHUB. Their TurboMeeting product works on Macs and PCs and lets you do web conferencing, remote support and unattended access of any remote computer.