Why Do You Blog?

Why does anyone blog? Usually, it is because we have something to say and we want to share it with the world. Everyone would love to have their content syndicated, right?

Today many blog websites content is being syndicated. But not in the way they would like for it to happen. We write simply because we want people to visit our sites.

So what happens when low-life degenerate decides to scrap your content, without providing at the least a back link to the original post?

Recently I had this happen with a blog post I wrote on my home business website titled “Twitter Tied To Google Buzz A Disaster?”

I had posted this to my website on 2/23/2010 at 12:51 AM. The next morning I get up and find that it had been picked up in Google News!

Anyone would be ecstatic about that right… WRONG! Turns out a scraper site MashTrends.com had scraped the post in it’s entirety with no back link to the original.

Am I the first, was this the first time its happened? Absolutely not! Yet, I have no problems submitting a DMCA notice to the webhost.

Society today has serious moral and ethical issues where many believe it is ok to generate success at all costs.

I was watching the promo for a movie coming out next month (March) called “Generation Zero” A movie that will be coming to theaters in March.

With content theft on the rise, it really does illustrate the failure of culture. With so many individuals living in the me-generation!

So why to you blog, is it to have your content siphoned off? I know that I don’t! Share your thoughts on it.