Whose Responsibility Is It?

When it comes to customer – downline retention whose responsibility is it? A little over a year ago, I had a few downline members that launched a massive marketing program designed to bring in lots of people. Did it work you bet it did, and frankly I was unhappy.

Still to this day they talk about the great numbers they brought in. What they don’t talk about is that about 60% left within a month and upwards of 90% where gone in four months.

The response was it was the companies fault, not ours! This is one of the biggest misconceptions in network marketing, affiliate program, any other form of home business or even a brick a mortar business.

What is completely clear, was they where in it for only the short term gain, not the long term growth and sustainability of their business.

For years, I was in the aviation industry and watch the same mistakes being made over and over. You’d think they would eventually learn a lesson here. You should never over promise and under deliver.

That is exactly what happened to my former downline members. As soon as the person was on board, the person who sponsored them dropped them like a hot potato it was now the companies problem to retain them.

All of us are in business for a reason; you have to decide what that reason is. From watching years of mistakes, I’d learned a valuable lesson that many will never learn. Referral marketing is probably the most effective method of growing your business, yet if your customers do not trust you, what are your chances of getting a new customer referred to you?

When you plan your business, based on managed growth, you will be in a better position to provide the best customer service and retention. It is far easier and more cost effective to retain a customer then to acquire a new one. So start implementing your customer service – retention plan now!