Which Computer For SEO Work?

I had an interesting discussion today about which computer to use when doing SEO work. I guess the question should really be which software do you need to run? This is what dictates which operating system to use.

Realistically speaking, I think there is way to much software out there today, which essentially does the same thing to a certain extent. Besides we should be writing for our website visitors and not for the search engines anyway right?

Really there is no perfect computer each has it’s own distinct advantages. For years I swore by Windows in it’s many different versions. Windows Xp was probably their finest product. With so much software written for it your bound to find what your looking for.

When it comes to the Apple’s operating system, the choice is fairly limited but still I’ve managed to find the products that I found real value in had in most cases a Mac application as well. With the advent of Parallels for Mac and VMware’s fusion I have the best of both world on one computer now.

I can run Windows Xp in a virtual machine and have access to all of the Windows software that I want, albeit at a slight performance loss. Yet I’ve found that I’m willing to give up this performance loss with the virtual machine in order to have the ease of use that comes with operating both systems at the same time one one machine.

As each version of Parallels that has come out just gets better. You can now copy and paste share documents back and forth between the two operating system seamlessly. So when it comes to which computer to use, I now recommend the Apple Mac.


For the Desktop version, there are a few choices really depending on how much of a power user you are!

I like the Mac Pro for this with two models 4 core or 8 core you have more power then the average person can really use.

The other choice for a desktop is one of the Imac’s, personally my recommendation would be the 24 inch version.


If a laptop is more to your liking then there really is only one the MacBook Pro Laptop. There is the 15 inch and the 17 inch version with plenty of power to do just about any job you can through at it.

Personally I like the 17 inch version, it is light weight compared to others I’ve used in the same size range. One important fact is battery life is very good, well over 3 hours of use.

The choice as to which computer to use is a matter of personal choice, I used to give one of my business partners a hard time, since he used a Mac. Later he switched to Windows and I migrated to the Mac as my preferred operating system and hardware.

The journey has been a fairly easy one as I’ve found most of the software I really need rest upon my shoulders. The majority of Windows software I’d purchased for SEO work, after awhile I found I didn’t really need it. You get to a point just like anything you do in life that when you do enough of it, it really becomes second nature.