What Is Html

Hyper Text Markup Language is instructions give to your web browser so that instead of seeing ones and zero’s you see this page that your viewing. Learning html can really drive you crazy especially when things go wrong and trust me they will.

Often in the beginning I would spend days trying to figure out why something would not display right in the web pages I created. Often just walking away for a few hours then looking at it fresh would reveal the problem.

Here is the resource I recommend for learning the basics of html:

Build your own web site the right way using HTML & CSS.

This book is the perfect way for the beginner to begin to learn the right way to setup their very first web site using html and CSS the right way.

HTML Editors

I use Dreamweaver CS3 it is pricey though. Retail is $399, but there are many editors out below $50. I would recommend one that has the capablities of uploading your pages to your web hosting company.

SiteSpinner V2.7 – I have not used it, but from what I’ve read, this is a good one at $49

Trellian WebPage Editor – And best of all Trellian WebPAGE is FREE

Coda is one that I personally like for the Mac.

You can do a search through your favorite seach engine and find more html editors.

Graphics Software

Personally I use both Fireworks CS3 and Adobe Photo Shop CS3 both of these are pretty expensive. There are allot of other programs out there, just do a search in google for “graphic programs”

One that is also free is called GIMP

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