What Happened To Real Plumbers After The Joe The Plumber Earthquake?

Back in October 2008 I wrote a post about Joe Lara a real plumber from Southern California who over night literally had his business destroyed.

Google to this day shows over 1,250,000 million pages that have that phrase in a blog post or web page. Most of them vicious attacks against someone whom the media gave the title to.

Yet, these attacks affected so many real plumbers. Since it has been quite awhile or at least it seems like it, I thought I would look at how the search engine rankings had changed for Joe.

In October of 2008 Joe The Plumber Joe Lara’s website ranked #1 in google today it’s lucking to be in the top ten on google.

It would have been really nice if Google, Yahoo and Bing would have created a business listing to show local business in your area. Instead you’ll have to wade through ton’s of garbage to find them.

You have of course Wikipedia which as always tries to capitalize on every search term the can. Followed up by the opportunists who create a site to ride the momentum of that search term.

Today, it crossed my mind again, so I did a check and found Joe’s site at #7 on Google, #2 on Yahoo, and #2 on Bing.

You can read my original post about Poor Joe The Plumber, I hope you’ll take the action I recommend and help to restore their web rankings.

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  • Joe Lara May 3, 2010 @ 21:51

    Hi Glen, I came across your January article recently and wanted to drop you a line and say Hello. As you point out, the rankings change often due to other companies using some or all of the words “Joe the plumber” in one form or another. I literally have to spend 30 minutes a day searching for “myself” to stay in the rankings. (Of course there are companies that will charge you an arm and a leg to move you up in the listings).

    I have actually been quite busy since people rarely confuse me for Joe Wurzlebaucher anymore. I think it may have something to do with my being forced to add the phrase “Ventura County’s Joe the Plumber”. Oh well, what ever it takes to keep the ball moving.

    I have also thought it would be nice if someone looked up a company in their home state, it would list local or statewide companies or merchants first, THEN the out of state or national merchants next. So anyone in California looking for Joe the Plumber for example, would find ME first and the other Joe the plumbers in Seattle, Texas or Ohio next or by their proximity to California. And of course it would work the opposite in their states, I would be last since I would not be in their area. Think how much advertising revenue Google or Yahoo could generate by guaranteeing the local company top billing. Take Care Glenn.
    Joe Lara
    Ventura County’s Joe the Plumber

    • Glenn May 3, 2010 @ 22:02

      Hi Joe,

      Glad you stopped by again. Yes it is ironic that the media and others have tried to capitalize on the term. Although in many cases it probably isn’t to profitable for them.

      When you need a plumber, you usually need someone quickly and close by. Good to hear that you’ve been staying busy now that the confusion – media circus has died down.