Video Podcasts Sync iPhone error – iPhone 2.1 update

After updating my iPhone to the latest software version 2.1, which by the way went very smooth I might add. I wanted to put some Aperture video podcasts on my iPhone. I wanted to have some great educational videos to occupy my time when I’m out waiting in line somewhere, like the department of motor vehicles.

After Downloading the 15 video’s, when I tried to install them on to the iPhone it would give me an error. The error was “Some of The Videos in your itunes library, including video xxxx, where not copied to the iPhone because it can not be played on the phone.

The Videos where the right format, yet they would not install. iTunes really does not tell you what or how to accomplish this. Once you’ve downloaded the podcasts to iTunes, selecting the file and then selecting from the menu Advanced you can convert them to the correct format for the iPod and iPhone.

So now that you’ve converted them, you try to install them and get the same error, now what?

What I found was while in converts the files the new files are located in the movies section of iTunes.

I guess it just goes to prove that we can have all this wonderful technology, yet if we do not take the time to really understand how it works it just leaves us frustrated.

So if your having trouble syncing Video’s to the iPhone with the error that it cannot be played on the iPhone I hope this post will provide the answer that will work for you.

Todays iPhone 2.1 Update

Is supposed to fix quite a few bugs and add some improvements. The one that was of particular interest to me was the better battery life issue. I had previously written about the Shortened iPhone Battery life issue.

After updating, i did notice an improvement in the download and update of a couple 3rd party applications, they seemed to download and install very quickly, maybe about 1/3 the time then it used to take.

The sad part is the iPhone 2.1 update did not fix the battery issue! After a full charge and one 15 minute phone call, it sat idle for 10.5 hours. When I checked the phone it still indicated that it had been in use for 10 hours and 33 minutes.

I would have to venture to say they still have issues with the battery problem that needs to be fixed. It’s obvious that something is not shutting down and it could be related to a third party application.

So I’m sure we will see a new update coming along soon!

Now for an update, back in August I had written about Shortened iPhone 2.0 Battery Life I commented again on it when it in this post in September as I’m sure you read above. I had expected a new update to come out, yet as this is written in October there has not been one.

In October I wrote one again about the iPhone Battery Issues with version 2.1, read the post for more details.