Using Lightbox2 with Drupal 6-x

I’ve had a few questions come in over the past few weeks, maybe it’s time I got around to responding. The latest question came in the form of what module do I use to have my graphics open in its own window.

I actually learned about it while doing research and training on web video. So it was nice to see that Drupal 5 and 6 had a module Lightbox2 that was ready to go. I use it in a very simple form, and from what I gather it will do a lot more.

What I was after, was if I took a screen shot of something I wanted it large enough for the detail to be viewable. It was simple enough to take the snap shot in full size view, then create a thumbnail of it.

I do know there are other ways to do it, yet I really do like the lightbox effect. Click on the graphic below.


Lightbox 2 is not the only module for drupal to give you these effects, you can learn more about the other similar lightbox type modules here. If you want to get the module LightBox2 you’ll find it here.

Adding the function is relatively simple by adding rel=”lightbox[]” to the image which you can view in the source code.

Adding Video to a post, story or page is also quite easy by adding rel=”lightvideo[]” to the source code. I know some will say why not just imbed the video which is easier but then in some pages you maybe constrained by the area available.

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  • Sam Mar 20, 2010 @ 21:55

    how do you view the source code for the image in drupal to add this code rel=”lightbox[]” ?