Twitter Wants To Send Me TXT Messages – NOT!

Now why on earth would you want to use up all your text messages? It just did not make any sense at all to me, especially since I use the iPhone. With the iPhone there are probably no less than a dozen or so apps that deal with social networking.

I use a program called Twitterrific on the iPhone and it works great! I can check for tweets on my schedule. One of the problems with todays society is, we are all so well connected we really never have any quiet time anymore.


When setting up your Twitter account the last step is to get your phone setup to receive text messages. What they really need there is a way to turn that annoying message off. I’ve heard reports of people getting into serious financial problems with text messaging. I guess it becomes addictive.

The folks over at also have a program for the Apple Mac that places Twitterrifc on your desktop, for those of you that really want to keep up to date with everything going on. Still just like email, we really do need to turn these things off if we plan on getting anything done in our lives.

When it comes to Twitter wanting to send text messages to my cell phone, I think not. I know for many individuals, they really do want that interaction and quite possibly do not have a phone that will give them that real interaction they are after.

With the iPhone now being offered at Walmart, I’m sure there will be even more of them being sold for the foreseeable future. Who knows I may one day in the future upgrade to the 3G model, yet I’m perfectly happy with my early version as many others are.

So if your an Apple fan these are two programs you’ll want to check out. Either one or both will really keep you up to date on the Social Networking craze.