Twitter Charging Companies Coming Soon?

We knew it was coming how could anyone doubt it. The big question is what will twitter consider a company? There are many small – home based businesses using twitter to promote their services, will they now be considered a company per Twitters yet to be announced standards?

Since Sunday the 8th of February, there have been two credible articles that point to the coming changes, the first from New York Magazine and the second from TechCrunch

After all the only reason to start a social site, allow it to run for a year or more, build in the hype etc… is to eventually monetize it. Now there is nothing wrong with that at all in a capitalistic society. Many use it for what it was intended to do and that is to socialize in micro bytes or a micro-blog if you prefer.

Yet many Twammers have used it to bypass email spam and spam you directly. From reading many of the proponents of Twitter it is the neatest thing since sliced bread, especially when it comes to reaching out to people, branding yourself, and it appears social media is replacing seo.

My Thoughts On Twitter and The Articles

A commercial business will have to pay for one reason, Twitter is getting ready to run ads on the site and if you’re a business you should be able to pay to keep the competitors ads off your twitter page.

Everyone else gets served ads! And it does not matter if your using a third party application ads will be delivered to you just like tweets, unless you have a paid subscription pretty smart if you ask me!

More then likely all those fancy pages everyone has created will no doubt have to go away as that area will be replaced with paid advertising. There lies another challenge will the advertising be per click or page view? My guess is it will be per page view, it will be interesting to see just how everything develops by years end.

One of the reasons I think it will be based on per view is it is well known that most of the ads do not get clicked on, so there would be no revenue. I bring this up cause something funny happened yesterday, I got spammed by who no doubt must use a pay per view type of advertising policy.

One of the changes I see coming for the world wide web is one day the only content you may find will come from social sites. This shift takes it away from the millions of web masters who’ve generated the content that google and many others have capitalized on over the years.

Bloggers have stopped Blogging

Some of the popular blogs I used to read, note used to read stopped blogging as they switched to all forms of social media. Some of them have not posted it 6 to 8 months. Some would argue that maybe they just don’t need to anymore.

Ok well maybe not all bloggers have stopped writing. Yet, just how many websites and blogs can we keep up with? Add to that all the social sites you would have to stay current with and you could end up being a very busy person who never gets out into the sunshine.

Just the other day, I witnessed a scary thing driving down the interstate. A person driving a car at 75 mph in a 65 mph zone texting, while weaving in and out of traffic. Pretty amazing just how addicted people become to technology, yet if they keep that up they may never live to enjoy it.