To Little To Late for GotoMeeting

Why do companies do it? Ok what am I ranting about now, well last year as I finally decided that my entire office computer system would be switch to Mac I wanted my most used applications as well.

One that I used quite often for tech support was GoToMeeting, when I asked of course they replied we do not support it. So where did that leave me?

I could run it with Parallels and then Windows Xp but I wanted something that would run on the mac, so I could show both worlds since I had customers that used one or the other of the operating systems.

Then there where also those that used Linux, so essentially GoToMeeting was out of the question. That is when after searching I found Yugma, it would run on just about any operating system.

Yugma is not without it’s share of issues but each update, just made things run much smoother, I could have more people online and at greater savings then with GoToMeeting.

So when I received this the other day I was a little perturbed:

Mac Support – Finally an online meeting solution built for Mac users – Start one-click online meetings from your Mac® and pass presenter control to anyone using a Mac or a PC.


In their advertisement it appears like their is no other solutions out there! Still it amazes me even more that companies that supply software really don’t care what the consumer thinks or wants!

Granted they did finally get a product out the door but I really don’t feel like down grading to what is right now an untested product. Especially if I have to go from 100 users to 15. Granted their offer would reduce the price almost in half, yet when you do the math it’s a losing proposition for me at least.

For what I need Yugma works great, I’ve always used my own conference lines versus using the ones supplied by gotomeeting or yugma for that matter.

When companies fail to keep an eye on emerging trends such as the massive shift to Apple computers and prepare software for that market they are going to lose market share. The company that gives the consumer what they want at a reasonable price will win out every time.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not picking on them, other companies where even more negative in their responses such as ACT by Sage. Now here was a company that made contact management software for the Apple Mac then dropped it.

When contacting ACT they really didn’t care at all. So of course it was time to get researching and find a suitable replacement for ACT. After quite searching and testing I finally found a contact management program for the Mac that would do what I needed!

The program is called Daylite. While it is quite a bit different from ACT in the way it is laid out and takes a bit of getting used to I found the performance much better then anything I’ve done with ACT.

Synching data between computers and even the iPhone are now a joy compared to the headaches I would go through using ACT with Windows, now it just plain works, right down to appointment notifications on the iPhone.

So one day I’m sure I’ll get an email from Sage that indicates they’ve finally developed a version for the Mac but of course it will be a little to late as those companies with vision will be light years ahead of them.

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  • Anonymous Jul 28, 2008 @ 7:26

    Hi Glenn,

    Sorry you’ve been having trouble with your switch over to the Mac. My name is Robert O’Neill and I work at Glance Networks, where we produce a screensharing and webconferencing tool called Glance. We’re try to be sensitive to the needs of different client bases, and so we’ve offered a Mac version of Glance since early 2007. Glance works cross-platform, has the same ability to pass presenter control that you spoke of, and has support for up to 100 guests as well. We’d love for you to check us out, and in fact we’re currently offering a free year of Glance to bloggers like yourself. If you go to our website at, sign up for our free trial, and email me with your username, I’d be happy to extend the trial from one week to one year. We’re very proud of Glance and we hope that we can help you out!

    Robert O’Neill

  • Braintiller Feb 26, 2010 @ 23:42

    You might be interested in RHUB multi-platform-supportive remote desktop appliance. Unlike hosted solutions, it allows up to 10 participants in a single support session, and allows user to change from support session to instant online training mode, which can be very useful in remote support.

  • The Hip Zone Sep 15, 2008 @ 1:22

    When it comes at operating systems, there are many who failed. Why? because they are cheap and they just want to make money. I am always shocked when we came to know that our favorite tool has no support to be installed on other parallel Operating systems. So one day I decided, not to go with any windows product. I think that was a bitter great decision and am please to join UBUNTU.