The World’s Most Innovative Companies

When I first read this, it really made a lot of sense why they will continue to do well in a down market – recession while other companies will cut and slash as much as possible. Read the story.

The World’s Most Innovative Companies – sadly the article is not longer there.

Since moving over the Mac’s as my computer of choice it never ceases to amaze me at the way not only the computers work but the software as well. Take apple mail for example with the templates I can just grab a picture drag it into the email and I’m done.

The only draw back to all this rapid innovation is that what you buy a year ago is yesterdays news today. We really have to expect this with technology though, when I look at the latest Macbook Air all I can think of is wow now that is a trim and slim laptop, perfect for traveling with.

Though I still would rather have my Macbook Pro laptop. When you look at the iPhone and how that has made other manufactures of cell phones really pick up the pace isn’t that better for all of us consumers?

Who would have thought 2 years ago that you could have an 8 core desktop computer with more power then the average person would ever need or realistically require? Yet, these innovations just keep coming and coming.

Powur of CitizenRe

Then we have companies like Citizenre with their Join the Solution soon to be bringing solar power to almost any home owner that wants it! Helping not only the environment but also their pocket books as well. I mean think about it realistically, if you could lock in your electric rate based on what you paid in 2005 and keep that same rate for the next 25 years would that make sense to you?

While we maybe in a recession, there will be those that continue to push forward be innovative and ultimately in the end create huge success; eventually, while others will die.

Big Ear Inc.

Another company that is on the forefront of innovation is Big Ear Inc. Very few individuals ever think about hearing loss until it is to late. We continue to listen to music that is way to loud, hey it makes us feel good right.

Yet hearing loss is accumulative, so the damage is slowly creeping up on us without our knowledge of it. I was shocked to learn that most small companies, “even though required” do not have a hearing protection program in place. This makes Big Ear Inc a great business opportunity.

I know where I’d rather be, how about you? We can continue to play the blame game for our lack of success or roll up our sleeves and get to work building a brighter future for tomorrow.