Summer Is Over – Bummer

It is simply amazing how fast time flies. I took off from writing on my various blogs over the course of the summer. The time was not wasted though.

Every now and then we really do need to stop and recharge our batteries, otherwise life becomes monotonous.

The really sad part is I got to spend way to much time catching up on the news issues each day. How truly depressing, you would have thought the election cycles where over.

Then you have to ask the question, "Why Is it that all politicians can lie without any consequences what so ever?" Sure we can vote them out during the next election cycle, but usually the damage is done.

It amazes me the level they will go to push a position. It is truly a case of power the root of all evils. And they will step on anyone and everyone to get it.

Be-careful of the Camera

I think this summer has really shown any one seeking the lime-light by entering the political arena had better think about their past…

… Have I ever said anything that was caught on Camera that could come back to hunt me?

Only you know the answer right? Well maybe not — You can see this clearly when a politician gives a speech and spouts out something very controversial caught on camera, only later to deny it also caught on camera.

Maybe they really don’t remember saying it… Alzheimer’s? Maybe or could it be they where just caught up in the moment? Either way, maybe they should just say I don’t recall saying that.

Anyway Summer Is Over Time to Get Back To Work!