Shortened iPhone 2.0 Battery Life

Before we get started about the battery life on the iPhone I really wanted to point out how much I do like the new updated software on the 1st generation iPhone.

All the new applications that are found in the iTunes store are great and of course some will have bugs I’m sure. Now the phone is really coming into its own.

Having the ability to blog to either Typepad or WordPress is great, yet I still prefer to do it from a laptop or desktop using programs like Marsedit for MacJournal.

Still having the ability to take a photo and send it to your blog while your on the road is great. After the update to iPhone’s 2.0 software, I noticed after a few days that the battery life was dropping of faster then normal.

Now my phone is a year old so of course, my first thoughts turned to I’d soon need a battery replacement. Yet further checking, found that the phones usage had gone way up. At first I didn’t think anything about it after all who really tracks how much time they’ve spent on the phone?

So I started testing, used the phone for approximately one hour. Used the normal command to ensure that all applications where closed. I came back to the phone about 7 hours later and found that it indicated it had been in use for approximately 4.7 hours.

Well this is of course going to drain the battery if it’s in use but which application was causing the issue. The first step that I took was to look at the email.

Now with the new push feature in the iPhone 2.0 software update, the question is do I really need this application to be checking my email at certain intervals?

I don’t so I turned this application off, after all when I want to check my email it’s as simple as selecting the application.

The next thing I turned off was the location services, after all as a ex-navigtor to I really need it to tell me where I am? If I do just a few flicks of the finger and I can have it back on.

After performing this action, it all returned to normal. 16 plus hours of standby and only 14 minutes of usage. The battery life appears to almost returned to normal.

Now while this maybe a glitch in the software which I’m sure will be correct in a future update, for now practice conservation and turn off what you don’t need.

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  • Anonymous Aug 7, 2008 @ 6:23

    Hi Glenn.

    I recently updated and found exactly the same problem. I usually keep most apps or features off unless I need them and can get up to 2 full days of use out of my phone before charging. Now, by lunchtime, I am down to half power.

    I was also thinking which apps would be draining the power and am trying out your changes – turing off push, and location service.


    • Glenn Aug 7, 2008 @ 7:00

      The changes made a difference, I updated to iPhone 2.01. Then went back in and checked the setting push and location where still disabled by my choice. Battery life has improved significantly. Of course we all wish it was simple to swap out batteries.