One Year with My iPhone

Well I’ve made it a full year with the iPhone, and I don’t have any regrets. While many negative news stories and articles have been written, the two that we have in our household have worked flawlessly.

It seems with everything electronic there will always be glitches and I’m no doubt sure that many have individuals have faced challenges.

It seems that many of the complaints have been, when individuals installed unapproved software or hacked into system. While I can understand how people will want to do that, why try to break something that isn’t really broken.

Still I think the ease of use, and the integration with Apples computers are a huge plus in my book. While there are still a few things I’d like it to do, I know one day someone will write the software for it.

One of my first concerns, was the battery life, since you cannot simply swap out the battery with another one. So far my battery seems to have just as much life left in it as when it was new.

When the first update came out, the iPhone 2.0 update there where many individuals that had difficulties. One thing that I did notice was the iPhones shortened battery life, yet that was cured by turning of things I really did not need active.

When the update to iPhone 2.01 came out, I was expecting issues to arise yet the update was even easier then the first, just as it should be.

Over all, with all the new applications coming out, this phone is really coming into it’s own. I know that there a many out there that would like to see this phone fail.

With each new addition of the iPhone, it continues to raise the bar. The other manufactures are forced to compete, so overall we are all the better for it.

The one question is it really worth it to upgrade to a 3G iPhone. With the price what it is, it really was tempting. The con’s to upgrading are, the current phones work great. AT&T’s cancellation fee’s and new service fee’s just did not make it worthwhile.