Every now and then we all need a little motivation. It is far to easy to let procrastination get its firm grip on your life…

… And before you know it one year, then five years have gone by in a flash. What do you do to stay motivated?

Summer Is Over – Bummer

It is simply amazing how fast time flies. I took off from writing on my various blogs over the course of the summer. The time was not wasted though.
Every now and then we really do need to stop and recharge our batteries, otherwise life becomes monotonous.
The really sad part is I got to spend way to much time catching up on the news issues each day. How truly depressing, you would have thought the election cycles where over.

Leaving Your Mark In Life

Throughout our life we have the chance to leave our mark on this earth. The real question is how do we want to be remembered?
Have you ever thought of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done in your life? What are some of your fondest memories?
Here are just a few pictures of places I’ve been and things I’ve done that where truly memorable.

Now what am I doing watching that? Well millions of people do, there everyone has incredible talent. Those that make it to the final round are the ones that take ownership of everything they do! In what ever business we choose, we need to follow some of those same traits that the winners portray. They [...]

Whose Responsibility Is It?

When it comes to customer – downline retention whose responsibility is it? A little over a year ago, I had a few downline members that launched a massive marketing program designed to bring in lots of people. Did it work you bet it did, and frankly I was unhappy.
Still to this day they talk about the great numbers they brought in. What they don’t talk about is that about 60% left within a month and upwards of 90% where gone in four months.