Mollum is gone so now what? Try CleanTalk

Now that Mollum has entered it’s end of life what’s next?  What is an effective solution? Mollum is gone, now what? Try CleanTalk!

Comment spam can make a life of a webmaster horrible. Having to sift and sort through all of those comments on a daily basis just drags you down and gets very tiring.

But if you’re like me, you continue to look for effective solutions out there, that are effective, and work. And it’s pretty difficult to find something that truly works in today’s society.

Far too many engineers and designers well they are just plain lazy. They produce crappy products and they don’t get the job done.

So I was pleasantly surprised when by chance one day when I stumbled across a little program called CleanTalk. I was actually looking for an SSL to convert all of my websites to https, and I found CleanTalk.

CleanTalk has been a godsend. My wife’s blog gets thousands of comments per month. And most of them are spam. I just looked at my stats and since February it’s had five true comments and about 900+ spam comments.

Spam comments that I did not have to sort through.

So no matter what you do, or how you look at it spam is here to stay.  They figured out robots are cheap and they can just keep spamming and spamming over and over again.

Sometimes you’ve got to laugh at some of the comment names, that they actually make up when they’re writing their spam comments. Or the titles that they use when filling out your comment forms.

It’s like are you really that stupid, and sadly most of them are that stupid.

Like I said, when we started out, Mollum is now gone. So take a look at CleanTalk it’s reasonably priced and I can tell you from personal experience it’s very very effective.

Oh, you and your visitors will love the no captcha forms or comment sections.