Social Media

When it comes to social media, forums and blogs where among the first method to bring visitor involvement to web based properties.

Today, we have so many experts in the field that have literally sprung up overnight advising individuals and companies on how to do it right.

Yet, when it comes to individuals marketing and branding themselves do you really have enough time to do it all and if you can do it all does it really make your business grow?

Technology in the form of social media has opened up a whole new world. As earthquakes rocked Haiti and early this morning Chile, news organizations are getting their news from citizen reporters. The world today is a much smaller place, compared to just a few years ago. And, when compared to the early 1900’s well [...]

It’s quite interesting listening to all the chatter on Twitter everyday. It seems we have 6 million subscribers and 9 million experts on the subject of Social Media.
On of the most provocative statements I read earlier this week "Generation X and the Baby Boomers just don’t get it." I guess I fall into the baby boomer category. Personally I see just as much hype in the promotion of social media as I do in any multi-level or network marketing program.

Has Social Media Killed SEO?

With many of the web sites out there today, you would certainly think so! I’m guessing here but it seems many have neglected this critical aspect of their web sites, blogs etc… or has social media made that totally irrelevant today?
Search engine optimization is not just for the robots it’s also your visitors that come to your site as well. With the explosion of blogs and content management systems, everyone has one today, I have my share of them.

We knew it was coming how could anyone doubt it. The big question is what will twitter consider a company? There are many small – home based businesses using twitter to promote their services, will they now be considered a company per Twitters yet to be announced standards?

With everyone jumping onto the social media bandwagon there are clear winners emerging, Twitter is one of them.
What got me to thinking about this was after reading they where exploring how to monetize it. Now I’m not faulting them for wanting to do this, after all it is a business. My concern with them following this path goes back to running adsense on my network marketing web site.

Now why on earth would you want to use up all your text messages? It just did not make any sense at all to me, especially since I use the iPhone. With the iPhone there are probably no less than a dozen or so apps that deal with social networking.
I use a program called Twitterrific on the iPhone and it works great! I can check for tweets on my schedule. One of the problems with todays society is, we are all so well connected we really never have any quiet time anymore.