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Studying marketing methods gives you an insight into the human psyche. After awhile you know when you see a good advertisement that there was some real genius behind it.

And at other times you’ll sit there and say, ok what was that advertisement all about? Apple by far in my opinion has some of the best advertisements going today. They connect with people and thats what your after in business right!

Technology in the form of social media has opened up a whole new world. As earthquakes rocked Haiti and early this morning Chile, news organizations are getting their news from citizen reporters. The world today is a much smaller place, compared to just a few years ago. And, when compared to the early 1900’s well [...]

When I received the email from Google about their new interest based advertising that is due to roll out in April it caused me to question just what are they thinking.
I think it will be interesting to see how this actually works. It does seem like it will take relevancy away, yet they indicate it should make it as relevant as possible. This change from based on the current content to what your overall interest is based on surfing history could cause issues for some.

It’s quite interesting listening to all the chatter on Twitter everyday. It seems we have 6 million subscribers and 9 million experts on the subject of Social Media.
On of the most provocative statements I read earlier this week "Generation X and the Baby Boomers just don’t get it." I guess I fall into the baby boomer category. Personally I see just as much hype in the promotion of social media as I do in any multi-level or network marketing program.

Has Social Media Killed SEO?

With many of the web sites out there today, you would certainly think so! I’m guessing here but it seems many have neglected this critical aspect of their web sites, blogs etc… or has social media made that totally irrelevant today?
Search engine optimization is not just for the robots it’s also your visitors that come to your site as well. With the explosion of blogs and content management systems, everyone has one today, I have my share of them.

We knew it was coming how could anyone doubt it. The big question is what will twitter consider a company? There are many small – home based businesses using twitter to promote their services, will they now be considered a company per Twitters yet to be announced standards?

With everyone jumping onto the social media bandwagon there are clear winners emerging, Twitter is one of them.
What got me to thinking about this was after reading they where exploring how to monetize it. Now I’m not faulting them for wanting to do this, after all it is a business. My concern with them following this path goes back to running adsense on my network marketing web site.

Now why on earth would you want to use up all your text messages? It just did not make any sense at all to me, especially since I use the iPhone. With the iPhone there are probably no less than a dozen or so apps that deal with social networking.
I use a program called Twitterrific on the iPhone and it works great! I can check for tweets on my schedule. One of the problems with todays society is, we are all so well connected we really never have any quiet time anymore.

Doing Web Video The Right Way

Over the past several years, many have moved to marketing via web video. Yet, when you look at many of these video’s most of them are really pathetic.
Reading through many studies on marketing via video it seems that the overwhelming response is that it is hard to quantify the effectiveness of this form of marketing.
I watched a video on youtube awhile back that I found funny. The video started out with a graphic that never changed. The individual that placed this video there, then went on to talk for almost 10 minutes.

Why do companies do it? Ok what am I ranting about now, well last year as I finally decided that my entire office computer system would be switch to Mac I wanted my most used applications as well.
One that I used quite often for tech support was GoToMeeting, when I asked of course they replied we do not support it. So where did that leave me?
I could run it with Parallels and then Windows Xp but I wanted something that would run on the mac, so I could show both worlds since I had customers that used one or the other of the operating systems.

This has been an interesting turn of events, over the past few weeks I’ve had more people asking for help in creating authoritative web sites. In many ways I have to believe it’s true that they are seeking out the information that they are just not getting from the newest "Network Marketing Training" company.

Awhile back my good friend Dan Williams wrote a blog post that I thought was right on the money. It was called the Network Marketing Rabbit-Trail.
In life we often find many things that pull us off the path, whether that path is success or other facets of our life. Do you often use the term, I’ll try this or do you commit yourself to getting what ever task you set out to do finished?

Whose Responsibility Is It?

When it comes to customer – downline retention whose responsibility is it? A little over a year ago, I had a few downline members that launched a massive marketing program designed to bring in lots of people. Did it work you bet it did, and frankly I was unhappy.
Still to this day they talk about the great numbers they brought in. What they don’t talk about is that about 60% left within a month and upwards of 90% where gone in four months.

You have to love it.

Every now and then you find someone, generally with no experience that will advertise on someone’s name who is successful hoping beyond all hope that they’ll get just a trickle of traffic to there advertising offer.

In someways you have to kind of feel sorry for their total lack of experience, and naivety when it comes to marketing.

What it really shows is the rank amateurs out there participating in network marketing or any other business that really don’t understand their target market. With that said they will never become successful.