Life’s Financial Crisis.

With the doom and gloom over the U.S. economy who is really to blame for it? With so many playing the blame game, is it really someone else’s fault. Or is it really our own fault.

One of the things that really stand out is the housing market, now how did we allow it to get this way? I truly believe that it really boils down to a lack of education and more specifically a financial education.

Just yesterday in the news out of California there is the issue of it being illegal to home school your children. With a heated debate on both sides of the issue, it really made me wonder. Do they really teach us what we need to know in public schools about financial issues and pitfalls that we will face in life ahead.

It would be almost impossible to keep up with all the changes that have occurred or even have dreamed of since most of us have graduated. My thoughts go back to something I’ve talked to many people about that is taking a more active role in the education of your children in this respect. If you’ve never played the game from Robert Kiyosaki and company I highly recommend it.

This is something that you could share with your children or grandchildren, and you might even learn something about yourself. Lets face the facts here, the children of today have the decks stacked against them already.

Companies have had years of planning and perfection of their marketing campaigns cleverly designed to ensnare them into a lifetime of debt. We all know this to be true as there have been many news reports of this over the years.

The game itself really teaches you how life will through you those little curves. You know the one’s I’m talking about, car repairs, children, and many others. Spending quality time with your children today will ensure they have a better life later.

Just imagine if many of those who got caught up in the sub-prime loan scheme would have truly known the repercussions they would have to face later. I’m sure that many of them are not only financially scarred but emotionally scarred as well. All the while the individuals who profited from it are still enjoying the good life!