Lessons We Can Learn From American Idol

Now what am I doing watching that? Well millions of people do, there everyone has incredible talent. Those that make it to the final round are the ones that take ownership of everything they do!

In what ever business we choose, we need to follow some of those same traits that the winners portray. They take ownership of the songs, they make them their own. How can you apply that to your business, can you do it with the same passion?

During the first parts of the season, we find the same kind of people that we have in network marketing. By that I mean those that can take the constructive criticism, embrace it and make corrective actions to ensure that on the final day they will be the ones standing alone.

When I look at so many in that I work with I see that raw talent, and very sharp individuals, yet most of them lack that strong self confidence which they should have

I never could see how people would follow someone who in the beginning clearly stated they never sponsored someone into their business in 6 years! Now there is a problem there, thats like walking around with a black cloud over your head. By that I mean it’s almost impossible not too, unless during that 6 years you looked for every excuse not to get your job done!

Today those same people are around now giving advice, telling you how to build your business, go figure! The one thing we all need to keep in mind is that things change and what appears to be true may not actually be true.