Is Twitter Sucking The Life Out Of Your Web Site?

With everyone jumping onto the social media bandwagon there are clear winners emerging, Twitter is one of them.

What got me to thinking about this was after reading they where exploring how to monetize it. Now I’m not faulting them for wanting to do this, after all it is a business. My concern with them following this path goes back to running adsense on my network marketing web site.

Everyone wants to monetize their sites, yet with this site even though the advertisers where relative for Google, the language used in the ads did not meet my standards. You write material, and along comes and ad that uses language like “Buying Leads Suck,” Explode Your Business,” or more like how to clean out your wallet.

Granted it does generate clicks, yet at the same time destroys the credibility of your site. While Google continues to try to clean it up, it appears it is almost impossible to keep up with. So when they do finally monetize it what type of ads would be showing up there? Many will say why worry about it, we have no control over it anyway!

Now For Twitter

In August 2007 Andy Beard wrote a post about Twitter Nofollow I stumbled on this doing research on nofollowing twitter links. There where lots of innuendo that this was pressure from Google to stop spammers and it maybe just the case. Matt Cutts commented on it after they added the nofollow to their bio links.

In my opinion if Google is worried about spam links from both Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook etc… would it have not been easier just to place these sites on a black list or totally devalue any link from these sites? After all social sites are being used today to bypass the search engines altogether!

There is the comparison between Wikipedia and Twitter as far as being black holes sucking in page rank, link juice and distributing it only within the their site. On the other hand Twitter is only selectively nofollowing links, if you are using any of the multitude of new applications they are getting highly relevant links from your tweets. Now the question is was this an oversight on their part or a way to reward them?

Then on the other hand when viewing the mobile view of twitter, there is a link back to your site that does not have a nofollow tag attached to it, again was this an oversight on their part. I can almost hear it no people complaining for exposing this.

With the reports of googlebot being able to crawl javascript links “some tools that are supposed to simulate googlebot indicate this is true, yet I cannot verify it is happening” a typical wordpress blog could be bleeding page rank, elevating Twitter to the status of Wikipedia as far as ranking is concerned.

When placing one of the widgets on you site, for example using the html widget with 5 of the latest tweets, you could effectively be sending 6 links back to Twitter, and if your using WordPress or another form of content management system, and have 100 pages you’ve effectively just sent 600 links offsite bleeding page rank in the process. Can you hear the sucking sound now?

Now many will argue that page rank does not matter, that is up to you to decide. In my opinion it does matter, you just cannot accurately gauge it which is as it should be. What it really comes down to is should we use the nofollow tag on our links pointing to Twitter or any social site for that matter?