iPhone Update 2.0.2 – Second in A Month!

Second iPhone Software update in August

Apple updated the software, once again this month to address the issues individuals where having with the newest 3G iPhone. Personally I’ve not had a problem with either the 2.01 or 2.02 update to my first generation phone.

I still hold the belief that it’s not a phone but in reality the first true handheld computer. It just so happens to have a phone built into it and now has GPS capability as well.

With any new cutting edge technology there always be issues. Yet it is refreshing to see Apple work so quickly to address these problems, I’m sure there software and hardware engineers are working around the clock.

One of the things I like about Apple, is their customer service. The really do go out of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with their products and services, this is rare in companies these days.

Just yesterday I received an email about the MobileMe service. The email was letting me know that on top of the one month free extension of MobliMe service, I would be receiving another free 60 days extension.

Now that is what I call standing behind your services.

Now it is time to test the battery life again with the new software update. Earlier this month I blogged about the Shortened iPhone 2.0 Battery Life, time to check and see if either the 2.01 or 2.02 update as corrected the issues, that came with the iPhone 2.0 update.