iPhone 2.2 Update

In November, Apple rolled out the update for the iPhone to version 2.2. I have to admit it has probably been the best update yet, the installation was smooth with no issues cropping up at all.

I held off on writing about this update, so I could get a good feel for it. The battery issues appear to be solved on my first generation iPhone, I have noticed over time that the there is really hardly any battery drain that seemed to plague the phone before that really required you to take extra steps to ensure that applications where completely shutdown.

Having the google street view, is just awesome, yet kind of a novelty. I really don’t know who would use it, I guess if your a tourist walking the streets somewhere it could come in really handy, since you can also get walking directions with it.

For example if you and your significant other got separated you could pin point your location, send an email to the other and generate walking directions so you could reconnect.

I Just Received My BE-1C’s

be-1c.jpgWow is all I can say! Now all I need is an adapter to work with the iPhone. You maybe wondering what the Big Ear BE-1C is? It is probably the finest hearing protection product you could own especially if your a motorcycle rider!

I used it briefly with my iPod and what a difference it makes, custom fit to my ears. I’ve used a Bose noise canceling headset for quite some time which works just awesome, yet it is designed to cancel out noise electronically.

Since this custom hearing product is designed for your ears, it is next to impossible to try them until they are made for you.

When I put them on I was amazed at the sound suppression, all the noise, wife, tv etc… gone. Then I plugged in the iPod with the volume turned all most all the way down you could still hear it clearly.

Listening to Harley riders talk about them as the only thing they can put on and listen to while riding I can begin to see what they are talking about.

Now I can see why this product rates 5 Stars with their customer testimonials, they are just that good. I hope to have a full report on them as I get more use out of them in noisy environments soon.