iPhone 2.0 Update Problems

Wow look at all the news articles hitting the air waves. Software problems bug Apple’s iphone. Well what did you expect when millions of users rush to install an update. Couple this with an untold number of new iphone users all hitting the servers at the same time, there is bound to be issues.

One of the best thing I’ve found about using apple equipment is the support area. When I updated my iPhone this morning of course I ran into the exact same issues that where happening to everyone else.

A quick hope over to the support center, and 15 minutes later the installation was complete. While ten’s of thousands will spend hours in communication with customer support, when if they had just a little initave first look to see if there was a solution online.

I mean really come on, yesterday the chastised Phil Gramm for his comment that we are in a mental recession, that we’ve become a nation of whinners!

That is exactly what we see everyday, people refuse to take matters into their own hands and solve the problems that face them, just like this little iPhone issue!

The internet has made it so that information with a fix for a multitude of issues is generally available within minutes to hours, if you take the time to do a little research on your own. Give it a try you might find fixing your own problems a little exicting and addictive.

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  • Anonymous Jul 11, 2008 @ 20:09

    You are absolutely correct! I researched first before I updated my 1st gen iPhone to 2.0 and had zero problems. People are lazy and want to be spoon fed instead of taking the time to research and figure out the problem… and doing a little of your own troubleshooting goes a long way.

    Well put Glenn!

  • Kendra G Apr 29, 2009 @ 2:04

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