InsiteCreation – Content Management System

insitecreationThis past week I finally had the time to sit down and work with my website Perfect-Business-CD that uses InsiteCreation 2010. Coming from static html sites, WordPress and Drupal it has it’s learning curves.

Primarily as to where everything is located, and how to configure it properly. I had actually started on the site back in May when LeadersClub brought it out to its members.

Recently the templates where updated which made it much easier for novices web masters to customize the sites, giving them a more personal look and feel. Something that they could call their own.

One of the things that at first I didn’t like about the software was that I could not use my favorite program Marsedit to write and post my blog posts from.

I use this a lot on both WordPress and also Drupal. Then the realization set in that even though I use Marsedit all of the posts are placed on the sites as unpublished (drafts.)

The nice thing about Marsedit is getting to see what the actual post would look like on the site before publishing, something hard to do with the typical wysiwyg editors found in Drupal or WordPress. You would have to see it to know what I’m referring about.

The main reason to post in draft mode is so that you can log into the site, then apply the graphics I want to the post. This is where I feel InsiteCreation has an edge over both WordPress and Drupal.

Once logged into the site, selecting My Workspace and Resources brings you to the graphics I can then choose and upload an image from my desktop.

Once the image is uploaded I can then go to the blog post and insert it into both the teaser and the post. From the blog post or page etc… I select the Resources, look at the available images I have uploaded.

Once I’ve selected an image I have a few choices, I can insert the actual image or what I’m after Insert as a thumbnail. Then I can choose the size of the thumbnail I want.

InsiteCreation gives me 11 different thumbnail options to choose from:

  • 50x50px
  • 60x60px
  • 70x70px
  • 80x80px
  • 90x90px
  • 100x100px
  • 120x120px
  • 200x200px
  • 320x320px
  • 400x400px
  • 640x640px

That makes it pretty easy to find just the size I want, of course on the teasers we will want to have them look the same. In the body of the post we can select much larger thumbnails and vary the size depending on the post, I thought that was a neat feature.

One of the annoying things I found with InsiteCreation and I need to point out that it is not just Insite but seems to be with most wyswyig java based editors is they all seem a little quirky.

Over all it has some pretty cool features built in that make it a very viable system for those who really don’t like to dig under the hood. I’ll have to write more later about editing the templates and some of the errors I found there.

The errors where easy to correct, just annoying that they where in there!