I love AmpForWP, Just Wished it Worked On Swift pages!

Good morning Glenn Burks here from  GlennBurks.com. Today I wanted to go over this new plug-in that I have tried to use AmpForWP.

As you can see here (in the video) it’s fairly pricey for a plug-in, in fact quite pricey, when you get all the features and everything plugged in.

The issue is you know how they talk about how responsive they are.

Yes the AmpForWP support group ARE responsive and get back to you.

But they keep on having you do the same old thing over and over and over again. Let me give you little bit of my background. I have been involved in aircraft electronic systems for almost 40 years now.

I’ve dealt with everything from communications, navigation, satellite communications, satellite TV, to servers on board aircraft.

Over the course of my career I have done a lot, I kinda know what it takes to troubleshoot an issue, that’s what I do for a living!

They tell me it’s gotta be a configuration setting.  So I’ve spent close to probably hundred and 50 hours going through two of my websites which are almost identical in every facet.

Each one of them has the exact same problem and trying to communicate that to an individual I guess can sometimes can be difficult.

So hopefully this video will demonstrate exactly what’s going on. Point out where the problem lies and  what they need to do to fix it!

The question is how much should I charge a software designer for fixing his issues.

So what we got here is the AmpforWP plugin. It’s great and it functions pretty much 99% except for one big issue. We are going take a look at this page here.

This is the front page on one website. As you see here there is a graphic there on the front of this page. This is a page now and this is a graphic there, the featured WordPress graphic!

Now here is a blog page the same feature graphic is there. We go over to the AMP PAGE, here is the exact same page! What is it missing is the featured image.

Now we go to the blog page here is the featured image.  Going back to the page and looking at the view source, right in this area, here  is where the title is and there is the title.

Notice what you see there or what you do not see!  Let us highlight all this there! What you see now, if I go over to the blog post and come to this area right here, there is the amp featured image!

This is what is missing from the PAGE, the featured image is not being called in the software! It is a software design issue, somewhere somehow it is disabled on PAGES, yet it works perfect in the posts but not on the PAGES.

There are individuals on the WordPress support website that are saying it’s obviously people don’t know what to do, they are giving it a five-star rating.

Obviously these guys are running basic wordpress blog. They have not used for WordPress to its full functions and capabilities, like a lot of people do!

So there you have in a nutshell, this is an issue thats there. If we look at the actual thing it is set to the Swift template.

Without it being set to the Swift template you will not get to use all these fancy layouts. You will be stuck using the default design one, two, or three!

If you pull up design three the featured images work just fine on the PAGES and but they do not work on the SWIFT PAGES which you need, to get the other templates.

I do hope to get this issue solved and then we can see if it’s actually worth the price!