My View Point

Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Your view point on what is going on in your life and the world.

Everyone has one and of course we believe that our view point is the only one that matters.

The ones that really bother me are the outright lies and deception…

Back in October 2008 I wrote a post about Joe Lara a real plumber from Southern California who over night literally had his business destroyed.

Google to this day shows over 1,250,000 million pages that have that phrase in a blog post or web page. Most of them vicious attacks against someone whom the media gave the title to.

Yet, these attacks affected so many real plumbers. Since it has been quite awhile or at least it seems like it, I thought I would look at how the search engine rankings had changed for Joe.

I love marketing, it is what brings products and service to people all around the world today. Yet, some individuals seem to believe that it is perfectly ok and legal to scrape phone numbers off of websites.

They then place these scraped phone numbers into a auto-dialer system and proceed to dial away. Each day I receive an ever increasing number of these types of calls, even to a number that is on the do-not-call list.

Poor Joe The Plumber

Wow look at the attacks on poor Joe The Plumber! I’m not talking about the guy that McCain and Obama are referring to. I’m talking about the real Joe The Plumbers of the world.
Today I did a search and of course there are several websites out there that come up when you do the search for Joe The Plumber The first site that came up in the organic search is for Joe Lara A real Joe the Plumber in southern california.

The entire news media is missing the mark on this financial breakdown. Tonight on just about every news media outlet they state this is happening all over the world. Well it is, and it all goes back to energy.
When you really step back and look at this any of these companies could have survived if it were not for the burden placed on everyone throughout the world with the unprecedented rise in oil prices globally.

Why is it that some people have to resort to lies and distortion to support a cause? Is it because they have not done their research, they are just plain lazy?
Or do they hope that with sensational headlines they will further expand what ever cause they are passionate about? I believe we should do everything we can to prevent harm to the environment. Yet, when I recently read a post on The Huffington Post by Bob Burnett, I had to call it as I see it.

Which Computer For SEO Work?

I had an interesting discussion today about which computer to use when doing SEO work. I guess the question should really be which software do you need to run? This is what dictates which operating system to use.
Realistically speaking, I think there is way to much software out there today, which essentially does the same thing to a certain extent. Besides we should be writing for our website visitors and not for the search engines anyway right?