… There are so many experts when it comes to finances, yet many of them clearly did not see the coming Depression.

I call it a Depression because it really indicates a lack of confidence from a consumers point of view.

Which leads to a recession and eventually a Depression…

The entire news media is missing the mark on this financial breakdown. Tonight on just about every news media outlet they state this is happening all over the world. Well it is, and it all goes back to energy.
When you really step back and look at this any of these companies could have survived if it were not for the burden placed on everyone throughout the world with the unprecedented rise in oil prices globally.

Every year April 15th comes up! People are scrambling trying to find those last minute receipts and get all their paper work in order. I know, I always seem to be one of them myself. Each year I promise myself I’ll keep up with it all year long, as I’m sure that you do as well.

Life’s Financial Crisis.

With the doom and gloom over the U.S. economy who is really to blame for it? With so many playing the blame game, is it really someone else’s fault. Or is it really our own fault.
One of the things that really stand out is the housing market, now how did we allow it to get this way? I truly believe that it really boils down to a lack of education and more specifically a financial education.