Financial Crisis Who Is To Blame?

The entire news media is missing the mark on this financial breakdown. Tonight on just about every news media outlet they state this is happening all over the world. Well it is, and it all goes back to energy.

When you really step back and look at this any of these companies could have survived if it were not for the burden placed on everyone throughout the world with the unprecedented rise in oil prices globally.

Just 3 months ago it was all anyone could talk about, people feeling real pain at the pump, truckers no longer able to afford to stay in business. Everyone cutting back on extras because fuel had become such a burden on everyone.

Yet, all this began when the control of the congress and the senate where handed over to Pelosi and Reid. What I and many others see clearly was a plan to get a Democrat elected as president at all costs. Even if it means the collapse of the U.S. economy to do it.

The rhetoric coming from Pelosi and Reid is no drilling, no way, no how, which continued to drive the energy costs up, they had to have a talking point for the election.

How many airlines went out of business this year? How many trucking companies went out of business? How many people lost their jobs because the higher costs of transportation where passed on to the consumer, forcing layoffs and more.

How much will Pelosi and Reid profit from their investments in renewable energy sources, while forcing the rest of us to suffer? The problem does not just rest on the Democratic side either both parties have their hands in the till, the public is way past the point of being just irritated, we are becoming angry.

If you’ve ever studied the cause of an aircraft crash, it is never just one thing that caused it, but a series of events that led up to the accident. This is what we have here, possibly an economic collapse, with the final straw being the Pelosi and Reid’s refusal to allow a sound energy policy to move forward.

It’s almost funny to watch all the finger pointing, the calls to fire everyone, hold investigations etc. Yet everyone has their hand in the pot of gold, so where do you start.

It really doesn’t matter who gets elected, it will be more of the same! Remember Bill Clinton’s promised tax cuts for the middle income earners? Funny how that all changed to “I Feel Your Pain,” yeah right.

It’s time to clean house, completely! Send them all packing and bring legal proceedings against many of them. It’s time to stop the spin on both sides and come clean.

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  • Andre Vatke Sep 26, 2008 @ 6:29

    Glenn you are spot on with sending the politicians packing. It’s so easy to lose faith and trust in the whole system – especially in the middle of the worst financial melt-down in… well ever.

    It’s easy for people to get depressed, watch the news and the election circus and forget that they have real financial options.

    Network marketing offers the average person or family a real opportunity to add hundreds, even thousands of dollars to their income with very minimal risk or marketing skill.

    Yeah, there’s a lot of hype coming from desperate marketers and Internet scam artists. That’s why appreciate your sites and your realistic advice on this subject. Keep up the good work.

  • Jim W Oct 6, 2008 @ 8:32

    I want to see heads roll for this financial crisis. In my view, crimes were committed that stole from my retirement savings in 401K. There better be people paying for these crimes.

    • Glenn Oct 14, 2008 @ 17:28


      I could not agree more with you. Unfortunately nothing will come of this as it would be like asking a criminal to investigate a crime he committed.

      It is simply amazing that this was repeatedly warned about, yet nothing happened. Our only recourse is to elect people that will act responsibly "Never Happen," Yet when you look at who caused this financial crisis, everyone really had their hand in it.

      I’m sure that the markets and 401k’s value will return very soon after the election is over.

  • Daryl James Nov 17, 2008 @ 10:19

    This is the truth that lies at the bottom of it all, and if that hand isn’t yours, it’s gonna cost you regardless.