Drupal Service Links module = WordPress Sociable plugin

Finding the equivelant plugin from WordPress to Drupal is often not that difficult yet sometime the naming convention does not make it clear. I had written awhile back on the AddThis Button for Drupal and at the time thought it was nice.

Yet there are things that annoy me with applications that run offsite, outside of my control. It really seems like any more, you arrive at a web site and the page never fully loads while it is waiting for some third party application to finish loading. This was one of the primary reasons I stopped using the AddThis Button.

I still wanted to be able to make it as easy as possible for the visitors, without slowing down my sites. I had found a plugin awhile back for WordPress called Sociable which fulfilled the needs for those sites, yet wanted something for Drupal, that is when I stumbled upon the Service Links module.

Setting Up Service Links

Is pretty easy, upload to the modules directory and then active the module. Once activated don’t forget to set the permissions. You will then have a new link in Drupal 6 under site configuration. From here we can select where we want the links to appear.

From here we can select which content we want to apply it to from:

  • Blog entry
  • Book Page
  • Event
  • Image
  • Page
  • Panel
  • Story

Once we have selected where we want it to display we’re onto the next stage of the setup.

Here is we get to select the bookmark links. While the Service Links module does not have the shear number of bookmark links that the Sociable plugin has.

It does have in my opinion a selection that offers the best of them at least the ones that most people know of and use.

Then there is also the search links; Show Technorati link and Show IceRocket link.

Then we get to where we actually display the Service Links

The first setting is for those that would like to have the service links displayed in the links section. The options given are Disabled, Teaser View, Full Page view, Teaser + Full page view. I set mine to disabled, yet is nice to have the options.

The second option is When to display the services after the node text; the options are Disabled, Teaser View, Full-page View, and Teaser + Full-page view.

I set mine to only display on the Full-page view, my thoughts where this would create something I would not want with the Views – Panel view on frontpage.

The final setup is the Service links style: Here we can choose just how we want it to display within the content. We can choose text links, image links or a combination of text + image links.

One of the thoughts I had during the installation and a quick check of the source code proved that the designer behind the module was thinking of this as well is that all of the out going links are “nofollow” links.

So once again it just goes to prove that with Drupal if you look deep enough you’ll find the module your after. In fact with so many modules keeping them to a minimum is a challenge.