Drupal Comment Spam Solutions

For having a little, out of the way drupal based blog, it was only a matter of time before the comment spammers located it. Of course I had already set up the site so that each comment had to be approved.

Now having to make your visitors have to wait before their comment is visible is really a pain it is something that unfortunately we have to do. I installed the Akismet module and had it running until one of the visitors to the site pointed out the problems it was having. So with that it went on the disabled list.

For quite awhile it was really no problem with the comment spammers as there was very few of them, until just recently when it started to hit about one an hour.

I checked the Akismet drupal module to see if it had been updated, it had not so back to the drawing board. After doing a little more searching I found what I was looking for, a drupal 6.x module that would fight comment spam.

What I found is Mollom that was founded by Dries Buytaert and Benjamin Schraurwen in 2008. Downloading the program and installation was quick and easy. The web site really steps you through it 1,2, and 3.

Step One

Is to download the module and upload the module to your site.

Step Two

Is to return to the Mollum web site and register and new account. They offer both a free account and essentially a commercial account.

Step Three

Is to activate your web site and get the two key’s you’ll need. The first key is the Public Key and also the Private Key.

Once these keys are activated it will connect to the server and should be up and running. You will then need to configure the type of protection you need for your drupal web site.

Click on the images below for a larger image.

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  • Anonymous Jan 15, 2010 @ 19:03


  • BryanSD Sep 18, 2008 @ 18:16

    Yes, I agree Mollom is a very good solution for the comment spam problem. I’ve been impressed from the first day I tried Mollom. Before that I had used Akismet combined with the Captcha module…and while I had some success…I found Mollom to have an edge over Akismet.

    I allow users to submit posts to my site and Mollom doesn’t appear to do well with post spam as well as it does with comments. Don’t get me wrong…Mollom still does filter out quite a bit of the bad posts, just not as well as with comments. I would assume this may be due to the fact that comment spam is more common thus Mollom has a better chance of learning what and what not to filter.

  • Cynthia Perla Nov 21, 2008 @ 9:56

    Hi Glenn,
    I’m getting this error in the site configuration for Mollom:

    * The spam filter that is installed on this site is currently not available. Per the site’s policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Please try resubmitting the form in a couple minutes.
    * We contacted the Mollom servers to verify your keys: your keys do not exist or are no longer valid. Please visit the user settings page on the Mollom website again.

    What does it mean that the spam filter isn’t available? And I just created my account on Mollom, so is there a possibility that it takes time for the keys to come into effect?

    I’m a drupal newbie so any help you can throw my way would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!

    ~ Cynthia

    • Cynthia Perla Nov 21, 2008 @ 10:22

      Oh, nevermind. It seems to have resolved itself. I posted too soon 😉 Think it just takes for the key to work.

      Glad I stumbled onto your post! You have a lot of great Drupal info on here.

      • Glenn Nov 21, 2008 @ 10:30

        Hi Cynthia,

        Yes sometimes I’m too impatient. Today we want everything to happen instantly.

        I try to post solutions to challenges I run into with drupal here, more of a memory jogger for myself then for anything else.

  • massimiliano falduto Apr 17, 2010 @ 7:05

    I will try Mollom . I d like to know if there is a way to display mollom captcha at first time user submit comment?
    Thank You very much