Drupal Backup and Migrate 2.2 Module Issue?

Over the past two days I spent quite a few hours trying to figure out why the update for Backup and Migrate 2.2 would not save to the scheduled folder.

Since I had two sites and it was only occurring on one of them I knew it was not the module itself but more likely a permissions issue. This is where I spent most of my time, verifying the various folders permissions, ownership etc…

The Drupal module Backup and Migrate places an htaccess file in each of the folders, manual and scheduled, with:

order deny,allow
deny from all

Both sites as I indicated where setup exactly the same, right down to folders, permission and ownership etc… Yet, one worked and one didn’t.

I could actually go into the file and remove the o from order and generate a 500 server error so I knew that apache was actually reading the file.

Running out of ideas I went back to the main htaccess file for drupal itself and did not see anything different other than awhile back I had created a rule to deny access to a few I.P. Address that continuously tried to access files.

Removing this rule, allowed the Backup and Migrate 2.2 to start working properly. More important is what the newest version revealed to me and that was, before the folders where not secure…