Drupal 6.x Nodewords update 1.7 A Disaster

Wow talk about a night mare, the newly releashed up date for the drupal 6 nodewords 1.7 update is creating havoc with many individuals.

And, yes I was one of them. At first I thought I was screwed because I did not do a backup immediately prior to updating the module.

As I set down to go through each page and post it suddenly dawned on me, dummy you’ve got the module Backup and Migrate installed.

Now it was just a matter of uploading nodewords 1.5 and then restoring the latest backup. Talk about dodging a bullet!

I sure hope other drupal users have a good backup.

Update: For those who like to live on the dangerous side of life, the dev version for drupal 6 appears to update just fine.

Just make sure to create a current backup of your data base and save your previous version of nodewords.

Kind of sounds like a best practice to accomplish at all times.

Latest Update Nodewords 1.8 is out and works great. Many thanks to the module maintainer Kiamlaluno.

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  • Wim Mostrey Dec 9, 2009 @ 4:27

    Here is the issue report on d.o for people who require more information. It is odd that there’s no warning on the module’s project page or that the release hasn’t been pulled already.

    • Glenn Dec 9, 2009 @ 8:10

      Thanks Wim,

      Reading through the comments there are a lot of angry people. And they really should not be, sometime things just happen.

      This is a great module and we owe a lot of gratitude to all of the module maintainers for the effort they put into them.