Dialectic A Phone Dialer For Your Mac

One of the questions I often ask people who are involved in marketing and sales is if the product is so good would you recommend it if there was no monetary gain for you. Often we will buy a piece of software, that truly does make our lives much easier.

About one year ago, I moved to a new contact manager designed for the Mac. The contact manager I was using before had the dialer built into it so long as I had an internal modem connected.

With my Mac and new contact manager I wanted this feature up and running again, once you get used to a feature like this along with the tracking it almost forces you to do you don’t want to be without it.

The program I found is called Dialectic a Mac Telephone Dialer, it is without a doubt the best program I’ve found. In my opinion and John if you read this don’t take it personally but the price is to cheap, for what your offering.

As I’m writing this John still lists the price at twenty-five dollars. I mainly use the program with my contact manager as I’ve pointed out. If I’m doing a search for a local business on the internet, goto their contact page of course there is there phone number. In the past I would then dial the number, now I simply highlight the number send it to Dialectic and it does it for me, so ok call me lazy but it works.

The more I dug into the program, and believe me it integrates with quite a bit of software I discovered even more things I found useful. For example, what if I wanted to use my Laptop and cell phone it was possible.

I use an Iphone with the Macbook Pro via bluetooth to do the dialing, and it works great. I recommend you try it, you can download it and take it for a 14 day trial. You will have to take sometime to really explore what the program has to offer, but I’m convinced that you’ll see the same thing I did, just how useful this program is!