Daylite 3.9 – Daylite Touch – Your Mac And iPhone

When it comes to a contact management program for the Mac you just cannot beat Daylite’s program. Last week when Marketcircle announced their beta versions of 3.9rc1 in the forum in anticipation of the launch of Daylite Touch I was ready to make the switch from 3.8

Previously, I had setup Daylite to run on my desktop Mac Pro and had it also installed on my Mac laptop. While I had purchased two licenses initially in the previous versions I found I really did not need them yet.

When I got up the courage to install Daylite 3.9 they had rc2 out, reading through the forum I really did not see any challenges to making the move. This time since I was going through all the effort of a major upgrade I wanted to move it to my Apple Leopard Server in preparation for Daylite touch.

In order, to take my existing database and move it to the new machine required a few extra steps. First I had to download and install the Daylite server on my current Mac Pro, then launch the program and convert the database over to 3.9, after adding my license to the the new database server.

Once the conversion was done, then I performed a backup of the new database. Next, was to install the Daylite server software on the Leopard Server. Once this was done, all that was needed was to restore from the backup I had made on my desktop.

The next step was to download the Daylite productivity suite 3.9rc2 on both the desktop and laptop. The next step was the moment of truth connect both to the new Daylite server. Talk about joy when everything just worked, it could not have been a simpler installation – migration.

Over the course of the week Marketcircle released rc3 and the updates went just as smooth as the initial installation. Today, Daylite Touch was finally released along with the final version of Daylite 3.9.


The Daylite Touch server is already installed when you install the server package, all that is needed to activate it is a license. At just under $50 per user I’m not sure how many people will actually want it, yet if they actually see it work on the iPhone I’m sure they will want it.

The phenomenal integration still amazes me, now it really does not matter where I’m at I have complete access to my customer – prospect lists just about anywhere. When using the Daylite touch program on the iPhone it seems more intuitive then that actual desktop program.

Overall I would have to give Marketcircle a two thumbs up for this latest contact management program and the addition of the Daylite Touch application just makes it even better, they have really raised the bar now when it comes to a well though out contact management system!

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  • Shelleyb Dec 3, 2009 @ 8:15

    I downloaded the trial version of Daylite along with a number of other CRM programs. Palying in each of these, and not just a few hours searching the web, I am sold on the Daylite software.
    I am looking to purchase today, but am confused by mentions of add ons and not sure what I need, what is free and what is unnecessary.
    I am on a real estate team of 3 people, each of us buying our own copy of the 3.9.4 version. Do I need to purchase Daylite server so we can share information? Is the server only if I want the app for iphone?
    The only issue I have so far with this software is that it’s unclear what I need.
    Can you please help?

    • Glenn Dec 3, 2009 @ 8:29

      Hi Shelley,

      Many of the add-ons listed on the Daylite site do not cost anything, but some do. The one I use is the Dialectic along with the Dialectic software, it makes life simple.

      Daylite server I believe free (check their site I don’t work for them, just love the software), but you do need a Mac that will be on 24 -7 or a Mac Server to host it on, which is what I do.

      If you plan to share data between 3 people then I would also get the server, and yes it is required for the iPhone app, which requires a yearly license for each iPhone.

      I’m sure that this has not answered all of your questions but it is a start.


      • Shelleyb Dec 3, 2009 @ 8:34

        Thanks Glen,
        I am guessing the Server is the “Mother Board” of the operation? I have a laptop that goes everywhere with me, my team member has a desktop in the office (on all the time), if we want to share our contacts and project lists, do we both need to download the server? I feel like I’ve been everywhere on the site and can’t tell if the Server is free or not.
        I understand you don’t work for Daylite, but it since you are using the product, I figured you may be able to break it down for me.
        Thanks again,

        • Glenn Dec 3, 2009 @ 8:40

          Hi Shelly,

          You would need only one version of the server but each individual would need a licensed copy of the main program. Each member would log into the server even your team member with the desktop as well.

          You would also need to make sure that the correct router ports are open so you could access the server from outside the local network. All of that is covered in the setup and they do have a great support forum on the site as well.


          • Shelleyb Dec 3, 2009 @ 8:43

            Thank you for clearing that up.
            How has the support worked for you? I see I can pay for annual or per issue. Have you found there are enough instructions or trouble shooting on line that you have not needed the support ticket price?

            • Glenn Dec 3, 2009 @ 9:21


              I’ve not needed support, but then I’ve been an electronics-system troubleshooter for years. You know that type of person that just digs into an issue until I either solve it or go crazy.

              If there is a tough part to any contact type management program it is laying out your work flow – how you want to see the information presented. If I’m not mistaken one of the databases examples is for Realtors.

              There are lots of examples and support within the forum and it’s a good place to ask questions, generally someone will answer it. And there are many that are certified Daylite consultants, which when you think about it while it may cost a little, what is our time worth.