Database Driven Websites

PHP and MySql websites comprise most of what we’ve talked about when it comes to blogs and cms systems. With both of these systems the overhead on the web server becomes and issue.

If the site should become very large and have lots of visitors simultaneously making request it will slow down the entire system.

This is where budget hosting can get you into trouble, but then on the other hand unless your out to produce the next great social site your probably not going to run into any of these problems.

One of the major benefits of a database driven website is the ability to pull information from the database and display it on static html pages.

Another major benefit is the ability to quickly customize a site, sharing data on the pages it is needed and excluding it from other areas of the site.

Drupal which this site is built upon utilizes blocks throughout the site to display various pieces of information such as:

  • Recent Blog Posts
  • Todays Popular Content.
  • Various Advertising etc…

InsiteCreation is another database driven system designed for Windows I use this on my site at it is a much easier to use software.