Content Management Systems


CMS or Content Management Systems are something that is kind of new but really it’s not new.

Generally before you would pay an exorbitant price for a CMS system as they truly are scalable from a simple one person website to large enough for a corporate or news website.

Generally when it comes to CMS systems they have a large learning curve when compared to a static website or a blog website.

This is why you really do not see as many of them being used in a home business type environment.

Yet if you truly want to build a community driven website that can scale to needs you may have in the future then a good CMS system maybe right for you.

When you start looking for Content Management Systems, you’ll find that there are literally hundreds of them.

Finding one that fits your needs can be challenging. When I looked for a cms program I looked for an open source version with a large following and many contributors to both the code and to plugin modules.

For this website I chose the open source software called Drupal. While I cannot say making the transition from static – blog software to drupal was easy, it is a very powerful piece of software that so far has run reliably.