Search Engine Optimization

Every where you look someone has written an ebook to sell you, or their is a company that will handle all your search engine optimization.

Yet, SEO is not that difficult if you follow a few principles. Stop writing for the engines and write for the only thing that really matters and that is the humans that visit your site.

The Search Engines tell you everything you need to know about SEO. Write good titles, descriptions and body text! Remember one individuals secret is another’s common knowledge…

Database Driven Websites

PHP and MySql websites comprise most of what we’ve talked about when it comes to blogs and cms systems. With both of these systems the overhead on the web server becomes and issue. If the site should become very large and have lots of visitors simultaneously making request it will slow down the entire system. [...]

Combination Static – Blog

What do I mean when I say, static – blog? Since you can install blog software like wordpress into a subdirectory or into a folder making it part of your original website. This allows you to use one domain name which you may already have good ranking with. Your can see examples of this at [...]

Content Management Systems

  CMS or Content Management Systems are something that is kind of new but really it’s not new. Generally before you would pay an exorbitant price for a CMS system as they truly are scalable from a simple one person website to large enough for a corporate or news website. Generally when it comes to [...]

Blogs And Software

Can A Blog Be Your Primary WebSite? This is an emphatic yes it can. Todays blog software has really progressed in a rapid fashion as to it’s capabilities. Setting up a blog website can range from simply easy to well lets say don’t try this at home, yet we should not be afraid of it. [...]

What Is CSS

The basic purpose of cascading style sheets (CSS) is presentation. In the early days of the internet, with the advent of graphical web browsers designers ran into challenges with the presentation of web pages. In the early years control was in the hands of the user – visitors to the websites and the different emerging [...]

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