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Apple Computers and Software.

When it comes to companies that not only know how to produce great products but also know how to market them effectively Apple does it right.

I became a convert in 2007 after years of kidding people about buying a real computer. Now I now longer have all the headaches that, well lets just say the dominant software operating system gave me.

With that said, Apple software does have its share of problems. And here I get to share some of them and solutions I’ve found.

IOS 11 Just Another Disaster

Are Apples glory days numbered? What was their marketing department thinking rolling out the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X? To top it off IOS 11 has rapidly gone through 11.01, 11.02, 11.03 to 11.1 with each one bring new problems that I’ve never had before. For example with 11.1 my iPad pro when plugged [...]

When it comes to a contact management program for the Mac you just cannot beat Daylite’s program. Last week when Marketcircle announced their beta versions of 3.9rc1 in the forum in anticipation of the launch of Daylite Touch I was ready to make the switch from 3.8
Previously, I had setup Daylite to run on my desktop Mac Pro and had it also installed on my Mac laptop. While I had purchased two licenses initially in the previous versions I found I really did not need them yet.

Apple Releases Safari 4.0 Beta

Today Apple Released Safari 4.0 Beta for both the Mac and Windows platform. Of course doing a little digging before downloading this latest browser discovered numerous problems. Being the daring kind I downloaded and installed the browser on my MacBook Pro laptop. This Laptop is really finicky when it comes to software, more so then any of my other Macs.
The issues people where running into where numerous, remember it’s a beta version, expect it. Some of the items where; the progress bar is missing, causing mac messenger to act strangely "I use Adium, no issues."

One of the questions I often ask people who are involved in marketing and sales is if the product is so good would you recommend it if there was no monetary gain for you. Often we will buy a piece of software, that truly does make our lives much easier.
About one year ago, I moved to a new contact manager designed for the Mac. The contact manager I was using before had the dialer built into it so long as I had an internal modem connected.

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