Building Websites

Do you really need A WebSite?

If you plan to market both online and offline the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. The next question is should you use someone else’s system or your own? I believe this is where most people run into trouble.

Using someone else’s system take a lot of control away from you as an individual about what is written or not written. When we look at the many different ways that you can get online today, confusion sets in making it difficult to pick a direction to proceed in.

Having a web presence today is not an option anymore, but is a true necessity to the success of your business.

Promoting Yourself First

Is it really necessary? It all depends on your goals, what business your in or what your marketing. If your business is any form of network or multilevel marketing you should be promoting yourself first. A great many individuals promote other individuals as guru’s hoping to capitalize on their names to build their business, this really is dangerous to your financial future!

I remember being in one company in which the owner, not only competed with those within the organization but did so actively. The owner would, take individuals that you had already contacted and sign them up as his own customers!

When it comes to your own websites it’s not about someone else but how you can help your customers etc… Failure to follow this simple guideline will ensure your own failure.

From The Simple to the Complex

It’s been said that what I’ve done on the internet is not duplicatable. Is there any truth to that statement, and what underlying reason would the have for saying such and absurd statement.

Today more then every you have so many options to chose from how do you find the one that is the best fit for you? Here we will explore some of the options, then go into greater detail on them. We will look at the cost factors and learning curves involved with each.

You might even think of outsourcing, something I would not recommend for many reasons.

Lets begin with Static Websites