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Can A Blog Be Your Primary WebSite?

This is an emphatic yes it can. Todays blog software has really progressed in a rapid fashion as to it’s capabilities.

Setting up a blog website can range from simply easy to well lets say don’t try this at home, yet we should not be afraid of it.

When it comes to blog software we have choices between totally free blog and hosting, free software and our own website hosting, to paid software and hosting. This allows us to build a blog and keep it within our marketing budget.

The first group here offers free blogs and hosting.

  • WordPress

This second group is just some of the free open source software which would require your own website hosting account.

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • b2evolution

The third group, is paid for paid blog software and hosting.

  • InsiteCreation
  • TypePad

I am sure there are others out there but these are the most dominant out there, which means you do have support should you run into trouble.

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