What can you say about the most popular blogging software today! Wordpress allows just about anyone to get online and start blogging their hearts out.

Today you have quite a few free templates and quite a few high quality templates Such as Thesis for Wordpress and Studio Press for Wordpress. Both offer high quality themes I’ve used in the past and continue to use.

Here you’ll find posts on some of the issues I’ve run across that may help you…

Some times the least obvious things will cause us the most grief while building or modifying our websites. I like running Wordpress using Thesis as the foundation behind the site. I had decided to convert one of my sites still running Thesis 1.8 to version 2.6. I had built this site many years ago and [...]

W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins I’ve found for wordpress. Yet, at first glance it can seem overwhelming to setup. But, it’s not really all that hard. Recently I’d moved this site from Drupal to Wordpress which went pretty smooth except for a few small issues with the comments which I wrote [...]

…Moving this site from Drupal back to Wordpress which I had alluded to in a previous post. Thankfully there is alot already written about this on the internet. For some odd reason during the move the threaded comments ended up out of order. Coupled with some but not all of my replies where not attached [...]

Moving from Drupal

After almost two years of running this site on Drupal 6, I finally came to the realization in late may it was time to move it back to Wordpress and Thesis. What brought me to this decision was more than just the upkeep associated with running a simple blog on Drupal… It also had to [...]

On Thanksgiving day, while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking I did some searching on the web. I was looking for a solution to make better use of the the categories in the wordpress Thesis theme.

While most people using Thesis will no doubt simply check the box that to not have the page indexed by the robots it kind of deletes the purpose of having those pages anyway.

If you’re running Wordpress for you blog no doubt you’re getting blog comment spam on a daily basis. I never really thought to much about it Wordpress ships with Akismet.
While Akismet does a great job in catching most of the comment spam it still requires you to wade through all of the spam, and delete it.

This past Saturday, I finally decided to get to work with the Wordpress Thesis theme. I wanted to create a static front page and also have a blog section. The challenge arose with you guessed it duplicate titles and duplicate description fields.
Although I should be fair I do believe it had more to do with using the All-In-One-SEO wordpress plugin then anything to do with either Thesis or Wordpress. It took me almost 6 hours to get it setup, seems like no matter what I tried it just would not work.

This past week I’ve been playing with and setting up the Wordpress theme Thesis by Chris Pearson. I had read just about everywhere about the theme and how good it was SEO wise, so I thought I would check it out since I have a few blogs that use Wordpress vs Drupal. Not being able [...]

This 4th of July weekend, I spent probably close to 60+ hours trying to figure out an issue with a new wordpress 2.5.1 blog template. I had run into an issue with duplicate content after moving blog from and old style theme. The issue was the new template did not have a next – previous link to step through the blog.

This new wordpress template pulls into various sections, blog posts from various categories, really a sweet looking template. What sent me into a panic was when I looked at the indexing by google and discovered the issue of duplicate content.